Never a dull moment in my life” …. if I had R100 for every time I’ve said that, Kitten Action would never need to fund-raise again!!  As the creator/inventor/founder of Kitten Action way back in 1998 (i.e. last century!!) there have been very few dull moments. For years, I have been entertaining friends and family with tales of cat and kitten rescue adventures and mis-adventures – or maybe boring them senseless depending on how many times they’ve already heard the story or whether they are cat lovers.

I’ve threatened to write a book but realistically I’ll never have the time (that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it) but a blog, now that’s something I could do.  So why haven’t I done it already? Good question. The answer is long and boring but has got to do with being technologically-challenged. That was before I was introduced to BravingTechnology so if anyone is to blame for this blog, it’s BT (just kidding!)

Still reading?? Oh good. In this blog you’ll find endearing, cute, funny, true stories (I never share the sad ones) together with factual stuff that will help you learn more about Felis Catus (domesticated and feral).  And naturally there will be cute pics as well.

Welcome to CatStuff the blog.

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