KITTEN ACTION does not have a Sanctuary so rescued kittens are placed in foster homes where they are cared for until they are old enough to find permanent, forever homes.


C Feral littlies 4Foster parents fall into different categories:

  •  *  Those who are able to raise kittens from bottle-feeding age (younger than 3 weeks of age) that require feeding every few hours;
  1.   *  Those who care for weaned kittens (4 weeks and older) that require feeding 3 or 4 times a day;
  •   *  Those who can take in a mother cat and her kittens;
  •   *  Those who are able to take in feral (untamed) kittens and care for them until they are tame and socialized.

Foster parents generally carry the cost of feeding the rescued cats and kittens in their care while KITTEN ACTION supplies medical treatment and pays for veterinary care.

While foster parents often assist with finding homes for their kittens, KITTEN ACTION takes responsibility for finding forever homes for the kittens when they are old enough.


KITTEN ACTION’s work would not be possible without caring foster parents who have helped to save hundreds of kittens’ lives.


Contact us about becoming a foster parent!